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1: fresh out of Uni with no experience, I was sent along to interview for a very junior IT role "no technical experience required". First question was about how to set up a network connection between buildings using line of sight lasers! It went downhill from there and I answered pretty much every (very technical) question with "I'm sorry, I don't know". Didn't get the job.

2: sent along by a recruitment agency to interview for a DBA role at a national airline, the first part where we chatted about generalities went great and we got on very well indeed. On to the technical part of the interview, first question - "how long have you been an Oracle DBA?". Somewhat flummoxed, I answered "Er, I'm a SQL Server DBA. I've never used Oracle..". "Ah" they said "this is an Oracle role". Interview ended there and then, leaving me to express my displeasure to the incompetent recruitment agent.

3: turn up to a "technical interview" which is in fact a psychometric test involving matching nets (flattened box shapes) with their 3D equivalent. Hundreds of them. For two hours. No idea what this had to do with the role, which I didn't get :)

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