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Look back at what you have achieved. Tutorials and exercises count too! Try to remember how difficult or impossible it seemed before you did it, and how good it felt when you made it work. Remember that a while ago you couldn’t do so many things, or you couldn’t understand them, but through hard work and perseverance, you now know better.

Then, remember why you started in the first place. For someone? For a dream? For a goal? Focus on that, respect that reason, as it was important enough at one point to fuel you. And now shake your head a little bit, shake off some of that stress, and realize that moving on from the bad feelings, and into a productive and positive mindset is the only way to keep going.

Start learning again, and whenever you’re going down, shake your head to remember all those reasons, all those achievements, and come back to a positive state.

Good luck, and never ever give up!


In my opinion, asking the Internet for advice should be last on your list. We don't know your personal situation. Talk to a trusted friend or family member. Preferably, someone older since they have more life experience.


Hey Gaurav, I appreciate your courage to reach out and find help! If you can, some details of your struggles will help the folks here offer better advice. Are you caught in a bad job? Or maybe the job is okay but you don't feel motivated anymore? We have no right to pry into your personal life, but if you can offer more details, something helpful might come up. Stay strong!


I can advise you never to give up and understand that no one but you will become the blacksmiths of your future. I had a case that I couldn’t figure out the SQL servers and was also desperate, but then I found where I could and put up with compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas Maybe you need additional tools?


If you live in Chennai, go to Puducherry and make new friends in Auroville !

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