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Discussion on: Paid Developer tools you can´t live without?

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Giorgos Sarigiannidis

Here's mine:

  • PHPStorm: If VSCode was around back when I was choosing my IDE I'd probably used it as it seems like a great free alternative. But now that I've used PHPStorm it feels like there is no turning back.

  • LambdaTest. If you build websites you need a way to test various configurations. It was that or BrowserStack, so I went with LamdbaTest, which was more affordable.

  • Office 365 subscription. The entire MS Office suite at its latest version, along with 1TB of OneDrive is definitely worth it.

  • Affinity Design / Affinity Photo. I'm not a Designer, but from time to time I have to deal with Illustrator and Photoshop files, so Affinity offers an affordable, quality alternative to Adobe's products.

  • Dashlane. A good password manager is an essential tool no matter what you do.

  • ACF Pro. I work with WordPress, so ACF Pro was easily the most valuable WordPress-related purchase that I've made over the years. Along with that, I'd include a few other premium WordPress plugins: WPML, WP-All-Import, Gravity Forms, WP-Rocket.

  • Newton Mail. This one is tricky. It's far from perfect and it had a lot of issues over the years. I can't stand Outlook, though and the way that it works with Gmail and GSuite accounts, and I like a mobile app's conveniences on my Desktop's mail client, and Newton was the best solution that I could find on Windows. I am more than willing to switch, though, if I find a better alternative.