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Discussion on: Why Tailwind Isn't for Me

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Giorgos Sarigiannidis

I'm on the same boat. I didn't find Bootstrap fitting for my needs a few years ago and I have the same feelings about Tailwind too (I too, have written my views on the subject in a post of my own a few months back).

My main concerns with such frameworks, besides the spaghetti HTML that you mention, have to do with the fact that they can become an obstacle if you want to implement something more complex.

Most importantly, though, you end up learning the framework instead of the underlying technology, so if at some point Tailwind becomes obsolete in favor of a new kid on the block, everything you've learned is useless. Learning actual CSS, on the other hand, will always be relevant, unless CSS itself somehow becomes irrelevant.

I could accept the tradeoff if writing CSS was so hard. It's not, though, and I find no real value into using class="flex" in the HTML instead of display: flex; in the CSS. Quite the opposite, as the latter offers much more control. Especially with tools like flexbox, grid, custom properties, and CSS preprocessors, I find frameworks to be more restrictive than helpful - at least for my needs.

Obviously, in the end each one should choose what makes them more productive, but it's always good to have a view of all the angles before you decide.