Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Gualtiero Frigerio

I spent almost 3 days on a project I really hate and I was able to reduce initial load time of a web app by nearly 50%.
The client complained about it on Friday late afternoon, and that had a negative impact on the weekend as that's a project I never really wanted to work on. Nevertheless on Monday I decided to immediately work on it and I was fully committed to give them the best I could.
I don't like dealing with that customer, but I'm not payed to work only on stuff I love.
They're satisfied now, and that's great.

The Friday afternoon email is something I never do, if a problem is not really urgent I don't like bothering people of my team, or even outside the company, and I wait Monday morning. I know they won't work at it during the weekend, so I prefer letting them finish the week with a sense of accomplishment, not thinking about the problem they're going to work on the next week