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How do I create games in Unity?

Unity is based on a component-oriented concept. In fact, any game consists of a mass of objects, diluted with additional components. For example, during the creation of a platformer, we create a GameObject, we additionally attach a graphic component to it, which is responsible for displaying the character, and a control component, it provides control of the character using the mouse, keyboard, joystick or touchscreen.

The engine does not impose restrictions on the number of such modules. We can add as many components to the GameObject as needed. All work on the engine is based on the very creation of the GameObject and the application of suitable components to them.

Newbies can be confused by the apparent simplicity of the process, although this is not the case. To create a unique and popular game, you have to write a lot of components from scratch. More precisely, in the Unity environment, this is called a script. The native scripting language is C #, but JavaScript and Boo (a truncated version of Python) are also partially involved.

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