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How to estimate the development cost

One of the most difficult things in software development is determining how long it will take to work on a new product and how much it will cost. Why is it so hard? The answer is not too obvious.
Estimating the cost of a new product is fundamentally difficult, and people are not very good at predicting events accurately. No project repeats another, each is unique not only in its goals, but also in the countless features that shape it. Often a problem that is simple at first glance turns out to be much more complicated from the inside, and sometimes it requires serious technical improvements to solve it. And, undoubtedly, in any project there are always many unknowns that arise already in the process of working on it.
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In addition, there are no identical people - no customers, no developers, no users. We all start working with our baggage of knowledge, experience, values, expectations, willingness to take risks and adaptability.
Writing quality software is bread and butter for developers; creating a cool software product is a much more complex undertaking for everyone involved.
At DECIUS we work very closely with both customers and developers. This helps us use techniques that keep the client confident in meeting deadlines and accurately estimating project costs. We are constantly working on planning and adapting the project from the initial general level down to the smallest detail, if it allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and implement controlled changes.

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