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What is artificial intelligence

In short, artificial intelligence (AI) is a system or machine that is capable of imitating human behavior to perform specific tasks and can gradually learn using the information received. AI has many incarnations. For example:

chatbots use AI to quickly analyze customer requests and provide appropriate responses;
Smart assistants use AI to extract freeform information from large datasets and optimize planning;
The recommendation engines automatically select similar TV programs for users based on previously viewed ones.

AI is not a format or a function, it is a process and the ability to think and analyze data. While many people think of intelligent humanoid robots taking over the world at the mention of "artificial intelligence", in reality, AI is not intended to replace humans. Its goal is to expand the boundaries of human abilities and capabilities. Therefore, this technology is a valuable business resource.

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Benefits of AI for Companies
AI makes it possible to reproduce and improve the way a person perceives and reacts to the world around him. What makes AI a powerful cornerstone in the foundation of innovation theory. By leveraging various forms of machine learning that recognize patterns in data to allow predictive value, AI can add value to your business by:

helps to use the full potential of data;
makes reliable forecasts and automates complex tasks.

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