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re: What are the benefits and drawbacks of using Meteor?


  • it's very nice to write isomorphic code (same kind of expressions) on client and server.
  • reactive data and auto refresh when coding by default
  • lately create 2 bundles for old browsers and es6 browsers
  • user login (with any oauth service) very easely


  • Some simple things are hard like files upload
  • Only MongoDB by default (can be changed but difficult)
  • Sever side rendering is not easy (but can be with prerender.io)

I love mongoDB and for upload I use Cloudinary so... no Cons for me :)


Why do you go with Cloudinary over S3 or other place to store files? I'm working on an app where I'll need to store all types of files including images, videos, and documents (Microsoft Suite, Mac, PDFs, etc).

Cloudinary is ultra simple, just an npm, a token and you are all set but limited to images.
If you need more type of files you should use Meteor Files package (github.com/VeliovGroup/Meteor-Files) with a S3 or any file host you prefer :)

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