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👋 Introduction

For anyone who has not yet seen the first post where we introduced Guilds and the idea behind it, make sure to do so here:

Introduction to Guild - The free self-hosted team management solution

🚀 Current Progress

The DigitalOcean & DEV hackathon is giving some great spice to the holiday season!

It has been great fun to be part of this Hackathon and develop the open-source project during the extra time off working during the holidays. 🤩

Since the last post, we now have the following things in place:

🚀 Initial setup flow

Now the first time you deploy the Guilds project on the DigitalOcean platform, you will get to an Installation screen where you can specify the details for your Guild!

Installation flow

This will set up your first Guild and assign you as the owner of the guild!

🎖 Badges

We have now added the Badges functionality where you can create your own badges, set specific requirements, and your team members could earn the Badges for their different accomplishments! 🙌 (e.g., closed 10 tasks, worked for a total of 100 hours, join 1 team, etc.) badges

🎨 Design Changes

We have made some changes to the initial design:

  • Redesigned menu and dashboard: Design

  • Interactive dashboard, now when you start a shift, it updates all of the elements on the dashboard: shift changes

  • New notifications Design

🏢 Shift log

We now have shift logs where the time when a shift was started and ended is recorded.

Shift logs

⚒ Job App Component

We have added a new Run Job DigitalOcean App component to run the initial migrations and DB seeds if needed.

This is included in the DigitalOcean Deploy Button. You can see the changes here:

Guild DigitalOcean deploy

💧 Deployment with doctl

We've also added an app.yaml file so that could be deployed using the doctl command-line tool as per this tutorial.

❓ Things To Do

  • Change the status of tasks (e.g. in progress, done, to do, etc.)
  • DigitalOcean Spaces integration to allow users to store their profile photos and other assets on persistent storage.
  • Discussion board where people could share ideas
  • Queues for processing the Slack and Discord notifications. We are planning to utilize the Worker components from the App platform

📊 Infrastructure planning

The plan for the infrastructure setup is still staying almost the same. We are just planning to add an additional run job to do the initial database migrations and seeds. Here is a quick diagram that we've put: do-deploy button

🔧 Tools

The tools which we've used so far are:

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