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Discussion on: What Not to Do as a Programmer - My List After 2 Years of Working In Teams

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Kat • Edited on

True. However, depending on the culture or individual sense, even if you feel that you are not tied down to a title but you have a decent idea and it's not your area, you can have pushback... do not worry. I ended up speaking directly to others to gain more understanding and it made it easier moving forward for my ideas and troubleshooting.

Being seen as just x or just y is not encompassing of all our abilities and it sucks when people push it on... when you have also their education as well or other experiences they may not know about.

Have respect and listen to your teammates, please. Good ideas come from everywhere and better ones come from more than one person as its worked on, vetted and applied. There is not just one single person.

The mistake is not one limiting people to title, it is also assuming things, and thinking only one person has "the idea" and that's it. It takes the team.