Paying it Forward: Teaching Family to Code

Nicholas Gurney on September 14, 2018

I have been "learning to code" for about 2 years. Check out the skills on my profile and you'll see that clearly, I am not where I should be. W... [Read Full]
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Have you tried mob programming basic katas together? It is a great way to start building up skills individually, while crushing problems as a group.

Once you get good at that, then you can start following tutorials about hosting applications and building cool things together.


This sounds fantastic! I’ll make note of it as something we can do together.

Thanks for the support!


We do this remotely at Skiplist. If you would like some guidance or pointers, feel free to find me on LinkedIn.
Not making promises, but I am working with my brother on building his programming muscles. Tomorrow morning, we will pair for 1-2 hours working on a small paying project. We could setup a time and could give my two cents on how to conduct a session and/or training programmers.

I’d love that, I really appreciate it. I’ll make note and reach out when I can.


What a charming idea. I do hope you continue writing on the experience!


I love this book by Jon Duckett, It's been absolutely instrumental in my learning. Perhaps you could all use it as a study program of sorts.


Great suggestion, Ruth! I’ll make sure to add it to my list 😃


Thanks Ben! I’ll make sure to keep posting about it on the community.


That's so cool! You could all play planning poker, lol!

Run it like an organization and build a real product. Might need to find something everyone likes.


Yeah we’ve had a lot of talks about doing this! There is a lot you can do with 10 devs, even if they are all new!

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