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Hacktoberfest 4

Today I've been cycling through my hacktoberfest issues trying to chip away and make progress on any of them, but it's been slow going.

The first I worked on was ElectionGuard, which is an SDK that performs ballot encryption and verification functions for digital elections. I've been trying to build it for a few days now but had been unsuccessful so far. I started by installing GNU Make, Chocolatey, and MSYS2. I went through a lot of trial and error with CMake, including erroneously thinking my build worked when I searched for a .sln and found an included one that ended up being in C#. I eventually got Ninja as well which was listed as a requirement somewhere, and with all the tools in place I gave it another shot.

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I kept getting this error that ./cache/CPM wasn't being found, which I discovered was a CMake Package file. When I ran make build on the directory the CPM was generated, albeit in the /cmake folder instead of the ./cache folder being referenced. I tried making a folder with the correct name, or changing the Makefile to reference a different DCPM Source Cache directory, but to no avail. I reached out to the ElectionGuard community on their github discussions page as well, but didn't hear back. Thankfully my prof was able to shed some light on the issue and suggested trying a filepath with no spaces, and when I did I was able to get a build done after trying a few things.

I'm now realizing I don't think I know how to run the program to debug it, so that will be my next step in getting my issue fixed.

On the Pataro front, I've started looking at other examples of people using cereal for their games. It seems to be a popular choice for roguelike games like this, so hopefully I can figure out both the syntax problems I'm facing, as well as logical ones like how the program should be structured to have all the necessary data properly serialized and deserialized.

Lastly, my Cockatrice pull request got approved and merged, so that felt pretty good (even though it was just a small edit). Hoping that's not the last PR I get approved for this assignment.

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