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Discussion on: Does your website really need to be larger than Windows 95?

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David Wickes

One thing more - here's a link to a transcript from the recent FFS Conf in London...

I disagree that we're going to be saved by the server side code taking over the frontend space, but it's a good read.

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ahahha the transcript cracked me up, it must have been a really good talk:

FLOOR: I don't have a question, I have something crazy you for you. If you type in create-react-app it installs more package dependencies than I have lines of Go code in my server. I leave you with that.

AHHAAH it's definitely true.

Frontend dev is way harder than before. I hope it's just a cycle. Because there's no real reason for all of this complexity to be surfaced back to the developer.

I don't share the opinion on CSS in the transcript. I find it funny that every single developer hates Electron:

I'm going to add to the rant as well and say you missed out on the glorious pinnacle of modern desktop designer in Electron where we bring the simplicity of the browser to replace the joys of BBE for desktop development

Judging from the comments of the people who spoke up it must have been also a cathartic talk :D

There's a lot of "it was better when I was young" talk which I always try to not buy in because it's not alway true by definition. We're the Facebook generation: move fast and break things. Facebook realized it's crappy motto and software developers are starting to realize it as well. It'll take time.

I like the statement that someone gave against the current:

I'm going to go against the rant that I think the browser is saving our industry. It is allowing us to deliver software and democratising software delivery in an environment that's increasingly locked down. There's more and more app stores and more and more restrictions on what you can run on your machine, and there seems to be a trend towards stopping you running software on your machine, whereas the browser is a way that we can actually bypass that and deliver share software.

I didn't think about this but it's true. App stores have committee behind them and/or entrance fees so getting your "utility app" to the user it's certainly harder than before BUT it's also true that the bars are higher now, you can't just slap two ugly buttons on a container and call it an app. Nobody will ever use it unless there's no alternative, which is less and less a reality. The ability to release a new version (on the web) and have all your users see it at the same time is also very, very important.