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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Raphael Habereder

To be honest, my feed is complete and utter garbage as of late. There were so many spam-posts that I even stopped reporting them. Spam in the form of "here are our greatest products for your child!", so REAL spam-posts.
I'm not even attempting to go into the "Clickbaity" ones.
People seem to fall for it, so it's clearly working.

The huge problem I have, is the target audience. DEV seems to be mostly "web-centric" stuff. The latest JavaScript frameworks, CSS stuff, that sort of content.

I am more the DevOps kinda guy, so automation, CI/CD and Container/Cloud are what really interests me. These tags are completely silent most of the time. Or it's the 100th time people explain how Docker and Kubernetes work.

Just look at this:

#cloud 1680 posts published 
#devops 7779 posts published 
#webdev 32873 posts published 
#javascript 45937 posts published 
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So I am not even shocked as to why my Posts are stuck at a few hundred views.
Maybe it's the spam, maybe I just suck at writing, or I chose the wrong platform.
That's okay really, but it kind of kills your drive to really do anything about it. It doesn't matter how good your content is, if your platform is chosen poorly. There seems to be no demand for it on here.

That is the real problem I personally have, but I am stubborn, so screw statistics! I'll just keep going on DEV and maybe help one or two people with my posts :)