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Discussion on: Improving the way DEV elevates the good stuff

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Raphael Habereder

What I would love would be guidelines for reports.
In the last hour I found about 20 posts in my feed, some of which I reported for clearly being spam like advertisements for things like cooking equipment, or some lorem ipsum looking post about a german railway station.

While I still have a few tabs open of posts which I have no idea if they should be reported or not. They clearly do not fit on DEV in my opinion, but my opinion isn't really important since I am not DEV :D

As a few examples:

  • A post that is titled TEST, with no text
  • only the text of "how do you download"
  • a rather inspirational text about "not giving up", no Tags whatsoever
  • a single link to stackoverflow
  • a URL to a personal website, no Post Text otherwise, with that same site being broken and landing on 404

It's really tough to "hit the button" on some, so a guide on what DEV deems as ok and not would be very helpful. I have no problem with doing the leg work, I just don't want to be the bad guy and kick someone in the shins if they don't deserve it.