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H Bytes #1: Welcome New Year!

Welcome to 2021, and my first weekly check in!

I'm going to call these 'H Bytes' in hopes they will be short, quick snippets from the previous week of learning and planning or adjusting for the next. These will be similar to learning logging like the #100DaysOfCode challenge but instead of daily, they're aimed to be released weekly.

After completing the 100DaysOfCode challenge last year, my last post found here; it felt like I didn't complete as much as I thought at the time, but reading over my log notes, there actually was quite a bit! also while juggling what spring 2020 "new normal" eventually came to be

These micro-posts are aimed at showcasing what I'm currently working on, pushing me to write and share more, document my learning and staying accountable on my goals.

To jump in...

What I did last week (Jan 1st - 3rd, short start):

  • primarily focused on continued work on my new portfolio aiming to release this month
  • created and updated my Github profile readme
  • updated some goal planning sheets, mainly for this!

What about this week?

  • focusing on redoing sketching out, wireframing and designing my second of four portfolio pieces
  • continued portfolio design work as well. Ideally, this Thursday (1/7) was my initial portfolio "launch date" per myself a couple months back, where it probably won't be on that day, it will be quite soon!

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