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H Bytes #10: Mission Impossible - Calculator

This week has been the turning point I lowkey feared from the beginning, I did slow down quite a bit on the motivation side due to more brain frustration and possible burnout feels. To combat this, I decided a night to just sit, watch a movie, and stitch. Knowing this a day ahead (since planned), I felt less pressure to get back to 'work' learning and certainly will need more of these particular days off in the future. Where these posts are helpful to

Benji pointing at computer

What I did last week:

  • an attempt was made to refactor the vanilla JS calculator to React but got to a stopping point
  • rejoined an old Edx course for programming with JavaScript to get yet another explanation view; lo and behold first test was a calculator!
  • peeked The Odin Project which also had a calculator; just gonna have to do it and move on
  • more sun = more walks :)

What about this week?

  • this is the last week I'd want to spin my wheels on the calculator, either do Odin, Edx, or freeCodeCamp or possibly a Youtube vid, and be done with it!
  • enjoying a day off from work and some maybe incorporate Nerd Fitness bodyweight routine into my activity to get some strength work going

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