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H Bytes #11: Cut The Losses, Keep Rolling

Welp, no I did not finish the calculator but I am understanding more of the functions. I reviewed quite a few examples, Googling, tutorials, etc and I'm glad more is making sense but it's time to cut hitting the walk and move onto the next thing to come back later. The Odin Project structure helped me out a bit more with mini projects along the way with rock, paper, scissors functions and an Etch a Sketch demo rather than going through exercises and applying in much larger projects in freeCodeCamp.

I'll be doing them in tandem probably, they went through similar problems at this point. For sake of borderline burnout and continue progressing, I'm going to move on for now, but I'll be back! As long as I'm building something I'm ok.

Twitch streamer forcing a fake smile

What I did last week:

  • swap to T.O.P. and did some short projects to gear up for next phases
  • calculator, calculator, CALCULATOR! Beating the dead horse here, but with the above notes, moving on
  • the few days of sun were great! definitely got some redness on a walk yesterday 😎

What about this week?

  • seeing what next steps of T.O.P are! I don't recall off the top of my head
  • freelance research and sketching out a new portfolio, yes again
  • adjusting to the time change -_- I sketched out morning yoga into my routine and we'll see how well that goes (hint: I'm not a morning person!).

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