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H Bytes #2: Productive but Long, First Full Week

Thus ended the first week of the year and what an odd week it was! In a backwards way, the repeating news cycle pushed me to stop checking the doomscroll posts and focus on these side projects to get my mind off of it all for a little bit.

What I did last week:

  • Continued portfolio work items and pushed changes on each one this week; today I focused quite a bit on restructuring my site and design. It's getting very close to share, I know it. I figured I'll get the site out first and ongoing changes will be occurring anyway with project work and all links to my Github repos anyway.
  • A few evenings, I went back through Scrimba's free React introduction and was able to pay more focused attention this time around, it did not take long to pick back up for future practice.
  • I used the reintroduction to begin refactoring my markdown previewer and moving it from Codepen to a local 'create-react-app,' and further deploying it using

What about this week?:

  • Main goal is finish the basic design of my portfolio and get that released to the web.
  • Continue refactoring my React projects to move them to use hooks for state.
  • If there's time: either update article descriptions so they can act as a preview to link from my blog to the site or remove altogether

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