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H Bytes #3: Quick Wins && Momentum

Second full week of the year somehow felt even longer and tumultous than the first, so naturally, I threw myself into my learning! I was able to get quite a bit done off my checklist and know this will be temporary as I get into tougher projects, but these quick wins feel good.

What I did last week:

  • finished up some quick designing on my porfolio and it's up!
  • set up markdown previewer with create-react-app, refactored with Hooks and deployed with Surge; easy! Also handy guide for converting classes to hooks

What about this week?

  • primarily focusing on setting up weather forecast project to do a similar refactor as markdown previewer and hooks. looking to integrate these simple icons and using a different API then my original versions with freeCodeCamp
  • if time; sketch out DruidCSS wireframe again

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