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H Bytes #4: Slow && Steady...

In previous months, they felt like they were speeding by the time I had to double check "what day is it??" Now, somehow, in this first month of the New Year is seeming to drag on. I could definitely feel that change in my mental state, sat down to do some personal journaling, and continued on with my projects. Some of those days, once getting into a good focus groove, felt like hours had passed when it was much shorter. I knew with longer, more complicated, projects they would feel a bit "slow" and less to note in my check-ins. As long as I put in a little bit of time each day, we'll reach that finishing point!

What I did last week:

  • Primarily focused on my weather forecast dashboard, re-learning some React set up, axios structure for API calls, and finalizing the general structure of the project. There were some little wins throughout the week, especially when rendering the proper data on the page! My ideal goal is have a "current" conditions snapshot area and either 3 or 7 days "forecast." 7 days ideally, but the free tier supposedly only let's you return 3 days; we'll see very soon.
  • As a quick break from the forecast dashboard, I made another paper wireframe for DruidCSS, and will start that once the forecast is complete
  • reviewed, reorganized, and cleaned up both my 2021 master goals sheet and Web Projects Trello board

What about this week?

  • continuing on with the dashboard! Now that I have the data coming in 2 API calls, I may be able to make that only one and then further style it on the page. Next tricky part will be setting up the geolocation permissions and make sure it will ask for location as I recall some stipulations on location settings in browsers, and finalizing the search bar capabilities after that verification.
  • I have an inkling the props for the conditions components and structure may not be optimal...that may be a future refactor, but I want to look up best practices shortly
  • If most is complete, deploy to share! May do Surge again or another option
  • Build out the basic HTML structure for DruidCSS from my new wireframe; CSS Grid practice maybe?

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