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H Bytes #5: Squashing Bugs, Do a Lil Dance

Adios, wacky January! Thankful to see even the tiniest of sun out on some of these gray days knowing more will be coming. Another project 'done' this week (are they ever really done?); important to do a little dance when you get your 'win.' I usually do the 'superstar' move if it was really but this week included a super smooth *finger guns at my screen.


What I did last week:

  • basically finished up remaining initial set up weather forecast! Noticed only one API call is needed rather than 2 but still had issues with current conditions description and formatting time/date. Those were placed under future enhancements in the repo
  • win for the week was finally setting up a conditional render based on hooks (see finger guns reference above); I knew it wasn't too hard but had to wrap it around scope and an API call
  • updated my markdown previewer README as I forgot to previously

What about this week?

  • focusing on designing and building out the DruidCSS landing page. I'd like to use a different CSS framework or may need to finally get to work practicing flexbox.
  • figuring out what to do next! freelance examples, Discord bots, what else??

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