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H Bytes #6: Back to Design-y Roots

I noticed less committed time to working on my page this week primarily due to taking some more self care time and reworking some possible healthier new routines. If you don't take proper breaks, your body may force you! There was less git commits and more external work this week anyway, but it will get shared here anyway.

Shiba roll in blanket

What I did last week:

  • converted a mobile and desktop view wireframe in Figma from a drawing I did for planning; testing out color schemes
  • I found I had an old template already set for Druid from about a month ago and started moving the wireframe to this template to tweak
  • saw the New Relic competition right after posting last weeks recap and did some research but not sure if I can devote my time this month to it... curious to see what will be submitted!

What about this week?

  • continue tweaking and designing the Druid page; turns out writing copy can be difficult!
  • brainstorm session to flesh out next path of learning, there are at least three areas I can focus and it is not a great idea to mash all three at once

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