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H Bytes #7: Design to Algo...troubles

Delayed update since the area was hit by a massive ice storm that put most the city out of power and still spotty in areas. Gladly after a couple days, I was able to get out to a new location and post. - phew -

Taking a breather, and back at it!

electric orbs

What I did last week:

  • continued design tweaking and decided to put a little pause on it; the creative juices were slowing and eye-ing practice with flexbox
  • switched over to freeCodeCamp's calculator project and took a bit to get used to algorithm based projects definitely gave me a headache and pause for a couple days; had some break throughs though!

What about this week?

  • short a couple days but will continue calculator work, there may be some times I'll need some extra help but with last weeks lil breakthroughs, I feel like I'm slowly going in the right direction
  • while the power was out, I could do some brainstorming for possible freelance focus; still trying to find a name to go by :)

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