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H Bytes #8: The Week That Wasn't

In reality, not much happened since my late recap mid last week and that's totally fine with me. After the historic ice storm (6ish months after historic fires, this is getting tiring), I needed some extra chill time from feeling a bit too frazzled by it all. What a week it was (or wasn't).

Drinking beer in a bubble bath

What I did in the past few days:

  • my calculator now can do some simple math and I set up an alert to not start with a decimal or zeroes
  • with the calculations, the first run through I could see what was occurring and knew how to fix it next time around; another one of those mini wins of learning

What about this week?

  • taking some much needed break time to deal with everything (power outage, repurchasing groceries due to outage, and now an annoying sty possibly from lack of sleep and stress (!) ); keeping at it for the calculator work
  • I have a list of freelance monikers to choose from...I'm still pondering those ;)

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