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H Bytes #9: Tailoring Learning

End of February, hooray! It's one of my toughest months for me personally, primarily for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and tacking on the days outage, sprinkle some imposter syndrome and generally everything.

I see lots of sun peeking through for this week and hints of spring, I'm so excited! I also was battling a sty all week and, jeez, those are annoying, but it's healing. That further put me in a meh mood and less productive feeling.

cat shaking flowers off of head in the sun

What I did last week:

  • followed along with this vanilla JS tutorial of a calculator in hopes I'd get a different birds eye view of how to structure my own code in React. Some helpful links from that post; destructuring and event delegation
  • did a few Codewars problems to review some algorithmic thinking

What about this week?

  • more calculator work! continue reviewing the vanilla JS code and converting into existing React (not copy/paste!)
  • incorporate yoga and reading into my somewhat daily habits; I have a habit tracker in my minimalist bullet journal and it would help with overall mental health struggles I've had

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