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In late 2016 I resigned from my job, without anything lined up except just a plan.

The thing that lead to that decision were 2 reasons:

  • I felt like I was not growing in my career and as a good human being.
  • and very month I was worried about my finances and making the ends meet, and every month I ended up going on the negative side.

I made a promise to myself I am going to work harder, smarter and a lot to get out of this rat race. I promised myself to retire before 40. The first step was to resign from my job.

And within 4 months I was out with my wife on our mini world tour, everyday I am glad I made that decision.

In past couple of years I have grown 3-4x in every aspect of life. I am going to repeat the same thing again because I am still not close to retiring at 40.

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