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New React Native WebRTC SDK

Ant Media's WebRTC React Native SDK lets you build your own React Native application that can publish and play WebRTC broadcasts with just a few lines of code.

The stable Ant Media React Native WebRTC SDK did not happen overnight, and in the interest of helping those contemplating such a decision, we want to tell the story of how we got here. 

Specifically speaking, we have more than 30% of our customers running Ant Media as a backend and running mobile applications connecting to that platform. Previously we had been providing React Native SDK, not as a repository, but tarball, which was far from perfect, and the methodology to deliver to developers was not ideal.

We then have refactored our SDK, improved our documentation, and leveraged the sample applications that come readily available for React Native SDK, which can be used as a basis to develop your own React Native based applications. 

At this stage, we now have a well-functioning React Native WebRTC SDK, fully available in source code, and distributed with a permissive MIT license. This means developers can fork the code, send their pull requests, and contribute back to the codebase. We would be more than thrilled to see you make improvements as you see fit.

React Native WebRTC SDK has 4 different project samples

The React Native WebRTC SDK also comes readily available with 4 different project samples: 

  • Publishing a stream from your application
  • Playing a stream from your application
  • P2P communication
  • Joining a conference room

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