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What is CMAF?

Hamit Demir
Technology and internet lover! Working to level up live streaming world.
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CMAF is an emerging standard intended to simplify delivery of HTTP-based streaming media. While development of the specification took place almost overnight, CMAF’s real-world appeal and long-term benefits are still playing out.

CMAF's Purpose

Use a common media format for video streams — thereby reducing costs, complexity, and latency.

CMAF'S Goals

Eliminate investments associated with encoding and storing multiple copies of the same content.
Simplify workflows and improve CDN efficiency.
Decrease video lag by with chunked-encoded and chunked-transfer CMAF.

CMAF's Short History

February 2016: Apple and Microsoft proposed CMAF to the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG).
June 2016: Apple announced support of fMP4 format.
July 2017: Specifications finalized.
January 2018: CMAF standard officially published.

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