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What is MCU?

MCU stands for Multipoint Conferencing Unit. But it also defines the process of mixing multiple video/audio streams into one stream on a streaming server. Ant Media Server has the MCU feature since the v2.4.0 version. Actually, as a different conference feature, the SFU Conference is already available in Ant Media Server. In the SFU Conference, you can publish your stream and play the other people’s streams in the conference room separately. Therefore, it is hard to record or re-stream them to the other endpoints. Fortunately, with MCU feature, you can get a single stream in which all streams in the room are mixed. Let’s define that single stream as Mixed Broadcast. So you can easily record the Mixed Broadcast or re-stream it to the social media or any other RTMP endpoint. The Mixed Broadcast is adaptive and responsive. I mean when someone joins to the room or leaves from the room, it is updated and aligned automatically.

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