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What is Video Encoding?

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Video Encoding is the process of receiving data from devices that capture video and audio data (these can be your webcam, microphone, capture card, or streaming software) and converting it to a digital format that you can send to streaming platforms. In a normal streaming setup, encoding acts as a medium, aiding in communication between input and output

The encoder works with a codec, an encoder-decoder piece of software, to dictate how to compress and format the raw data on your camera. For example, H.264 is one of the most popular codecs for live video streaming, and it can be used to create video files in various resolutions up to 8k.

Various parameters determining video quality and size are determined in this process. These parameters can be compression, resolution, and bitrate. This data is packaged in a container that holds information about the configuration of the data and file metadata. At the end of this process, a video file emerges.

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