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Discussion on: Why Should You Care About Pair Programming?

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Matt Hamilton

I used the VS Code extension for the first time this week. It worked great! I've not actually used VS Code before at all, as generally stick with Emacs. But I was doing a live Twitch show in which a colleague and I pair programmed something for a hackathon. And it worked great.

The fact we were also live on Twitch and had some people in the chat as well meant we really did have to talk out loud and explain our thinking. Which invariably lead to better code and a better end result. And with both of us (and the audience) learning from it.

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Ani Ionova Author

That's so great that VS Code Live Share worked out for you!! It's really helpful, especially with everything being remote right now..

I'm very curious to check out your video from hackathon! 🙌