Project Politics or How to Pass your Proposal through Management

Gabriel on March 26, 2019

It happened again, the frontend test build failed after 40 minutes running. A unit test failed. Funny enough, only 10 of those 40 minutes were co... [Read Full]
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Great timing as I'm feeling ready to ragequit a project I'm currently on! I'm very bad at the politics of the "showtime" portion, so getting the perspective of realizing that not everyone sees the user-facing issues that I do helps.


Glad to hear it helped!

Being able to bring other people on-board and care enough to fix your problems is a tough skill but incredibly rewarding.


Nice article. Politics sometimes gets involved just because people don’t understand exactly what you are saying and they get defensive.

Having something to show, whether it’s a mock up or a prototype, makes it much easier to discuss with non technical people. It’s easier to show people the benefits rather than just talking about them.

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