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Meet the Top 5 Entrepreneurs and Their Companies to Look Out for in 2021

Innovation never stops. And well, why should it? It is because of innovative thinkers and risk-takers that we have the luxury of using modern technology and its different subdivisions. The modern world wouldn't have been possible without entrepreneurs who decided to do something about the voids that were making lives hard in the past. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be able to shop online, forget shopping, even the ease of accessing the internet would be completely missing.

Although entrepreneurship wasn't a much-followed profession a few years ago due to the stigma around it, people have started realizing its importance now. With various young people, including teenagers, focusing on starting their own company, we have so much to look forward to. There are various conferences, summits, and other events being held to promote and spread the word about entrepreneurship. Encouraging others by providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas has become the trend of the century. The reason why we see so many talented individuals making it big these days.
However, what's more, interesting is to see the entrepreneurial lineup for the year 2021. In a world where people think there is an app for everything, it would be amazing to see what new entrepreneurs bring to the table. Maybe watching their ideas and what they have for the world can boost your morale and provide the right encouragement you were searching for.
Anyway, it doesn't matter if you want to get motivated or are looking to expand your knowledge on what's coming next, this list of 5 entrepreneurs along with their upcoming companies in 2021 would be the most well-informed thing you will read on the internet today.

Read on to find if you already know about them.

1.Charlie Buffin

He is an entrepreneur and a successful businessman based in Los Angeles. He co-founded his first company called Community, many of you have used this text-based app. The app had great success and was back with investors like Ashton Kucher.
Charlie left Community in 2017 to start his own Spark Media, which focused on social media influencers. He manages a lot of upcoming stars with huge influences over social networks like Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, etc. His clients have an audience of more than 100 million followers.
He is currently starting another project called Limitless Studios, which is going to focus on making animation films.

2. Erik Bergman

Erik is a successful businessman who managed to earn more than $50 million before he turned 30. He was a co-owner of a marketing company called Catena Media, with which he got some great achievements.
He decides to leave the company soon after, and focus on a new project called It is an Online Casino Affiliate company, but he gives 100% of its profit to charity, focusing on the fight with climate change.
He is also very active on social networks like Instagram, with an audience of more than 300 000 followers, and also has his own podcast called Becoming great.

3. Patrick Finnegan

Patrick is a 24-year-old founder of the New York based company called Intuition Capital. Besides the role of managing partner, he is also an advisor for other companies.
In Patrick’s portfolio, he has investments in companies like Lyft, Hims, and Switch. His first company was TGZ Capital, which he co-founded with Cameron Dallas, a famous youtube personality. They both had investments in more than 30 companies.

4.Sumeet Gajri

Managing partner of Original Capital, with headquarters based in San Francisco. Summer is coming from a working-class Scottish family.
His success is bad on his persistence, he based out his credit cards and borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from online lenders, to invest in companies he believed in, managing to gross a capital x4 times.
Today he is a major player in the investment world with his Original Capital he managed to collect $25 million in his fund.

5. Joseph Albanese

He is the co-founder of Stir, a company working to help social network influences run their business better. He is based in Los Angeles.
His company Stir managed to get funding of more than $3.5 million from Ludlow Ventures and Homebrews. His company released a number of softwares like, with the goal of helping influencers get their own fan base before going independent.

Besides his role in Stir, Joseph was on the funding team of YikYak and has worked on Facebook as a product designer.

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