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Discussion on: I'm considering to use vim or neovim as my primary text editor. Any tips?

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M. Floering

Presumably you’re using vim mode in your existing tools, right?

As a former diehard vim user, my candid advice is to Just Use Vim Mode in a JetBrains IDE... and sometimes use vim or Sublime when you’re impatient/ want the snappiness... but otherwise just get shit done. Working code is much more interesting than a snappy GUI for a “lightweight” editor. The snappiness is merely aesthetic, whereas an intelligent IDE provides utilitarian value: added assurance and less rework due to easy-to-catch problems.

Of course of course one can custom-build their text editor setup until it’s basically an IDE, but shit, I’d rather build applications instead of my toolchain.

Oh and if things feel slow in a JetBrains IDE, consider getting a faster computer. I finally pulled the trigger on that in 2014 and haven’t had to upgrade since. (It’s a Mac so it hasn’t rotted from Windows Rot.) 2014 is when I stopped tuning up my vim and Sublime config ad nauseum, because the snappiness didn’t matter much anymore.

I swear I’m not being snarky. I yak-shave my tool chain sometimes, and I need someone to remind me of these basic things sometimes. So just trying to pay that forward.