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Discussion on: I am an imposter. You too?

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Pavel Morava

I was nitty-picking, wasn't I? :)

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Johan van Tongeren Author

Yeah, quite. But I forgive you. To be honest: I was exaggerating but didn't realize it was that much. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Also it did make me curious if I could find some stats on Github and nerd out... At MyOnlineStore we have multiple repo's and the biggest three said this about my contributions:

  • monolith (9 yo): 277,708 lines added, 168,737 deleted, 1890 commits
  • react repo (2 yo): 26,959 lines added, 24,266 deleted, 97 commits
  • comonent repo (2 yo): 5,488 lines added 2,376 deleted, 29 commits

That's a total of 310,155 lines added. Not quite millions but hundreds of thousands. Let me edit the blog.. 😝

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Pavel Morava

That's a fine answer. I am used to performing similar reality checks constantly. If I see numbers, I have to verify them. πŸ˜‡
Glad you take it so well.