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Discussion on: Learn a New Language: Ruby or Go?

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Pavel Morava

If I may be so bold, I would pick neither.

From quick glance at Google Trends (as a simple indicator), one can see that Go is plateauing and Ruby declining. Which corresponds with how I perceive these languages. But I may be wrong, of course.

Google Trend

I would rather invest my time either into Kotlin (Android), or into Typescript (Web).

As for the advantages of Go over Python, I wonder if there are so many. FastAPI, for instance, boasts being on par with Go in terms of performance. God knows whether this is true or not but Python ecosystem seems to flourish while Go doesn't seem to devour Python's share.

I would prefer Rust if you need a performance boost.

As for Ruby, I see no single reason why you should learn it.

I personally believe that the next big thing will be web assembly. Perhaps that Microsoft with Blazor may surprise us.

And what if Huawei wins the battle and Harmony OS emerges?

Does anybody know how to program Harmony?

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Marc Nevin Author

Interesting... I kinda filtered to the two based on some criteria I briefly covered above but mostly as they are the two most promising ones I identified that fit nicely into my current stack, with a degree of deviation.

Some of the languages/tools you mentioned though... having briefly done Android and having a load of friends in the space, it's not something I'm going to jump at soon! TS is... fine, I think I remember enough from some unpleasant Angular projects that I think I'd be able to pick it back up quick enough!

Rust is interesting... it's something I've considered in the past but if you start looking at trends, like with Go and Ruby, it's tough to justify using that same measuring stick!

On Web Assembly, definitely think it's going to be big; based on how these things normally go I imagine we'll abstract away from it though (maybe Blazor but signals aren't there for it yet )