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#2 Risin' Newsletter

Hey developers, what's up? Today is the day i release the first newsletter from Risin'. I am glad that people has been submitting projects they found last week and today i will show them one by one objectively. Let's get into it!

Author: strukturag

Another PDF annotation? No, this is different. This project focuses on PDF annotation in NextCloud platform. Which is a self-hosted productivity platform for individual or team. No need thrid-party closed-source application, this project solves it.

Author: Martin Pesch
Image description

This is a playlist mashup with file explorer. You can navigate through your folders but without worrying about your playlist. It has a smooth transitioning feature, audio enhancing, lightweight in size and resource. It is also a very configurable program. Nice for low-end developer that loves to download musics.

Svelte Markdown
Author: Pablo Berganza
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This project converts Markdown into Svelte and the project is straightforward. It is inspired by react-markdown which does the same but for React. They also provide options before transpiling input and the project is open-source.
Author: Team

This is a port-forwarding service that let you forward connection without downloading anything. You could activate port-forwarding using only one line of SSH command. They also have a custom domain feature which now is only for premium users. Great for Web Application developer to preview their work to clients.

Author: HuyaneMatsu

Hata is an asynchronous library to create Discord bots using Python. Unlike any other library, Hata simplify your code writing. No while loops and you could make as many bots as you want in a single project. They use Python "decoration" feature to simplify event handling.

Author: krystofex

hiStories is an open-source project to store historical photos. See the history shapes everytime the photo changes. It is kind of a storybook and a social media mashup. Surprisingly, it is a high school final project.

Author: muesli

OBS is a famous streaming software, it is also an open-source project. But sometime, it would get more technical. This software could make it easy to manage your video streaming. It could start, stop, or record your OBS scene from the command line. You could use this to manage remote stream or local stream.

Dynamic Badges
Author: Jaysmito101

Cool README are the main factor to make your project stands-out. This project contains many badges you could customize. There even a GitHub trophy badge, would this be the new ELO system for developer?

Apache Mesos
Author: Apache

This isn't infamous, but is submitted by someone for some reason. Let's just dive into it.
This project enables distributed resource management with linear scalability and high availability. They have Web UI so you can view the cluster and container sandbox. The project is promising and is cross-platform. This might be in the next stack of web application.

Author: David Pollak and contributors

A secure, developer centric, designer friendly, scalable, modular, and interactive web framework. It is like an HTML processor on runtime. Check the site, they explain it carefully.

End Notes

Alright guys, that is for this week. I still accept submission of interesting projects, visit Risin' Website to get started. Anyway, time has passed let's go back to work.

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Carlos Saltos

Thank you very much for including Apache Mesos and Lift !! … you are the best !! 👍😎

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Thank you!