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Let's Help Infamous Projects Get The Fame They Deserve

This Monday, i tried to become positive and also productive leaving bad stuffs from the previous week and become better. But guess what? I'm just scrolling through GitHub hot repositories that are featured on their Explore page. Then, i found out that the projects that has been listed are all famous and uninteresting for me. I began to wonder about infamous projects that actually deserve Stars and attentions.

That somehow give me an idea to start a newsletter about them! Let's not talk about famous project, let's help potential projects grow and get socialized.

Introducing, Risin'

What Is Risin'

Risin' is a weekly newsletter that covers handful amount of potential open source projects. Risin' mainly published on, because it is a comfy place to hangout.

What Is The Goal Of Risin'?

  • Spread the word about infamous but potential projects
  • Let audience contribute to the newsletter
  • Help to add diversity to open source community

How To Subscribe

You can follow me for the next issuance of the newsletter

How To Contribute

Have some projects in mind? Submit 'em here:
Risin' Submission Website

End Notes

Thank you for your interest on my program, let's explore and help others pursue their project 🚀

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Carlos Saltos

Great idea !! … thanks !!

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Hanz Author

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