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Top 10 projects for beginner programmers

Any developer will tell you: coding can be very challenging, especially for beginners. In fact, a career in development can seem so limitless that you may be wondering where to start. As you get started, other coders may insist on the need for you to work on creative projects and build your portfolio - and they will be right!

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As a junior web developer, your portfolio is your most valuable marketing piece. Potential employers will appreciate your proven track record of developing projects end-to-end when you are being considered for a role.

1) Build a multi-page responsive website

A responsive website is one that can work on different devices and screen sizes on both mobile and desktop browsers. Today's endless stream of new devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) is making website responsiveness more important than ever. The way people view the web is changing, and as a result, creating a responsive-designed site is the key to staying ahead of your competitors.

2) Redesign the existing website template

Creating a website from start to finish can seem daunting at first. As you're starting out, you might consider using a website template with predefined design elements, which will allow you to apply a responsive design to an existing template without needing to create your own from the ground up. of necessity.

3) Design a Small JavaScript Game

Designing a small JavaScript game is a good test for any new developer — this is your chance to showcase what you can do with your skill set. When designing a game from scratch, there is no existing framework to build from, so you learn an incredible amount in the process, helping to make you a better developer as you work through the challenges. Plus, you’ll have a cool game to show off in your portfolio once you’re finished!

4) Create a Simple Application

Creating an application is a great way to practice your coding skills. It can be hard to come up with new application ideas, but your first application doesn’t have to be complicated — it can be something as simple as a calculator or to-do list. New features are in constant development for today’s applications, so this is your chance to experiment with the latest advancements.

5) Random Number Generator

Coding a random number generator with Python is another great programming project idea. The goal of the application is to randomly generate a number at the user’s request. This project will test a new developer’s ability to use variants, integers, random function, input/output and other concepts.

6) Web Scraping Using Python

Web scraping involves downloading structured data from the internet, choosing select data from that set and transitioning it into something else, like research, stories assets and more. This is a great project for Python beginners. Next time you come across data on the internet, with no direct way to download it, try using your Python skills to extract the data into a form that can be imported.

7) Build a Working Chess Game

This is likely the most involved project on this list. Think about all the rules of chess; now think about coding them into a single web application! A game with this many variables with require complex algorithms and calculation. Creating your own chess game will give you hands-on experience in manipulating variants, artificial intelligence, input/output and more.

8) Make Your Own Social Networking Website

If you’ve been learning PHP or Ruby on Rails, this is the perfect beginner project for you to practice your skills. Creating a social networking site will require you to build a database to store user account information, a script to produce unique profile pages and a design that is optimized and user-friendly.

9) Build You Own Online Store

Creating an e-commerce store is another great way to practice your coding skills. The elements required for an online store are slightly more complex than a social networking site, since this project will need more than just a user database to function. Here, you will need to design a script to allow for a product page, shopping cart, checkout and other e-commerce-related elements.

10) Contribute to an Open Source Project

Open ѕоurсе рrоjесtѕ are an incredible way for new developers to hone their skills. Not only do they offer a rewarding challenge, but you will have the opportunity to receive feedback from others without the pressure of working for an employer on a commercial product. Finally, contributing to an open source project gives you the chance to expand your network while making an impact in the coding community.

Happy Coding!
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