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Harendra Kumar Kanojiya
Harendra Kumar Kanojiya

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Top 5 best YouTube channel for programmers

Ok so in this blog imma show the top 5 best youtube channel that I personally use to learn. Keep in mind that these all are my suggestions, everyone has a different taste.

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Number 1 - FreeCodeCamp

So FreeCodeCamp is a really good youtube channel for everyone who is learning to code and want to learn to code, they make large, small and video for everything, they also have a forum where you can read blogs. Their videos are one of the best although I have met many people who dont like Free Code Camp.

Number 2 - Transvercy Media

This is almost same as free code camp, makes great video, of many languages and big or small videos. I dont have watched much videos of Transvercy Media so I dont know what to tell but yeah as far I have a watched its really great. also I havn't met anyone who said anything bad for this channel.

Number 3 - Programming with Mosh

Mosh Hamedani ( his name ) provides tons of tutorials of trending and emerging web languages and technologies. He also makes large and small videos but mainly cover Python, Javascript, C# etc.

Number 4 - Dev Ed

Edward Simon who has a great sense of humour, teaches front-end languages and libraries like JavaScript, React and back-end runtime environment like Node.js. He also teaches web design, 3D modelling using tools like Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop without getting you bored.

Number 5 - Web Dev Simplified

This is my personal best, maybe I think DevEd and Web Dev Simplified is draw but yeah. He mainly focus on JavaScript.

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