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Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh

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2021, a look back

2021 was an amazing and a not-so-amazing here. Some really good and bad things happened during it, growing me as a person.

As the year has ended and we're onto 2022, I wanted to take a second back and reflect on the past year.

💻 Coding & Technical Achievements

  • Gave my first talk at a meetup (Prisma Meetup #7)
  • Switched to Arch Linux
  • Riced my desktop
  • Built my own PC! (Ryzen 7 w/ iGPU, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD)
  • Got started with AP Comp Sci A
  • Reached 75 followers on GitHub
  • Ended with a total of 550+ followers on!
  • Redesigned my portfolio in Next.js!





🌟 Life Achievements

  • Visited family and friends back in India!
  • Bought a new phone
  • Made lots of new friends :)
  • Started playing video games again :p
  • Hit 650 followers on Instagram
  • Created a Linkedin
  • Grew somewhat of a beard

2021 was a crazy year (to say the least). I managed to make myself slightly less stupid as a person. With school becoming more taxing amongst other things, I've had less time to code and contribute to open-source. With that to say, I'd like to express my gratitude all the people who've helped me get here. Thank you!

Wishing everyone the best of luck for 2022! Cheers 🍻

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Hardik Chopra

Am sure you'll be achieving lot more in this year as well 🤜🤛✨

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Harsh Singh

Thank you❣️