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Discussion on: We should be teaching our kids how to code. Or should we?

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Harsh Singh

They should be told what coding is, and dip their feet in coding.

Forcing it upon them isn't the best way to go about it. In my opinion, at an early age, children should be taught what computers are, and how to use them.

Coding should also be, in my opinion, a class which is offered starting earlier in their school. Maybe when they're aged 13 or so.

In India, a lot of newer, junior coders are trying out coding, and I've seen this firsthand. There's a compulsory class as well, which gets their feet wet in coding.

It starts when they're in 6th grade. I believe that may be a bit early, or on time. Not 100% sure.

I will say, one of my greatest regrets of the current school system I have in America is that they don't get kids familiar with computers enough. They have the infrastructure, and they even gave out chromebooks to everyone. Yet, many people whom I've seen are veryyy behind. 50% of the class did not even know what copy paste was in 7th grade.

Coding shouldn't be forced on someone. We should however, at a healthy age, allow kids to get their feet wet in learning and introduce it as more of a fun thing rather than a punishment (such as Math)