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Time to ditch PasteBin

Harsh Singh
I'm Harsh, a 14 year old software developer. I love open-source, and have a passion for creating.
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So, you've probably heard of PasteBin. It's a website which I don't really like to use, but have had to because there is no alternative, until PasteMyst came around.

In the early days, PasteMyst didn't have all the features of PasteBin, but with the upcoming v2 update... it has all of that, and MORE!


Let's be honest. PasteBin sucks πŸ‘Ž


As soon as you open it, the white theme makes my eyes bleed, the UI is terribly made and has a default look, and the screen is absolutely littered with things.

Why should you use PasteMyst?

Why should I even use PasteMyst over... say, HasteBin, or PasteBin?

  • Features

    • PasteMyst has so many features for a code pasting website, it's absolutely insane! There is account management, tags, public pastes, private pastes, anonymous pastes, and SO MUCH MORE...!
  • Looks, feel and UI.

    • Unlike PasteBin, PasteMyst has a dark mode (+1 for the night creatures like me), but if you are a lover of light mode, PasteMyst's got you covered with a light theme as well! It has 4 total themes, 3 dark and one light, which all look wonderful. It also has good looking UI, which does not have a default look to it, and more of a hacker/programmer theme. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like...


It has a good look and feel to it, which is another reason why I prefer it over PasteBin.

  • It's open-source!

    • The PasteMyst project is completely open-source! You can view/checkout the GitHub repository here
  • It's not trying to cram down a premium plan

    • Unlike PasteBin, PasteMyst is not trying to empty your wallet. It has a wide range of features ready for anybody to use, without showing you a thousand ads about how they have a premium plan and why you should switch to it.
  • Easy to use API

    • The PasteMyst API is by far easier to use than PasteBins... it is simple, to the point and easy to use.
  • It doesn't have security risks

    • PasteBin is a much larger site than PasteMyst, meaning it is more prone to security risks.

....and that's about it. A simple and awesome website for Pasting code snippets, it's my personal favourite!

Why one do you prefer? PasteMyst? PasteBin? Let me know in the comments πŸ˜‰

If you really like it, you can join the CodeMyst discord server

Be sure to try out PasteMyst!

This post is by no means sponsored. I find this a great website to paste code, and for sure love it much, much more than PasteBin.

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