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Dating App built in Python

harunmohamed profile image Harun Mohamed ・2 min read

I have been tinkering with the idea of creating a dating app for my university for quite some time now — A lightweight platform to discover people at Near East University

How would it work? That is the same question I asked myself perpetually for the last year. Yesterday (Sunday 26 July 2020), I figured what better way to figure that out than to build an MVP and see what sticks.

I spent the better part of yesterday till 4 am today morning on my keyboard and sketching like a mad man and finally, the site is live

Bambi dating consists of 3 main features which I will discuss below


Match with users on your home page

This is the default home page after signing in. Here you see cards of users you can match with. The users are suggested algorithmically based on gender, similarity to you and people who like you too. You can then follow the user and if they follow you back, you match and can then start chatting.


See who likes you

On the likes page, you can see profiles of users who liked you. However for privacy and to keep the platform healthy, you won't be able to see the names of the users until you like them back. The likes feature is a sure indicator of a match


Chat with your matches

The Chat feature is just as it sounds - chat with your matches and hit it off. Once you unmatch with a user, your messages disappear in a snap!



The user profile shows your images and information as it is seen by other users. You can also edit your information on this page.

The matches section shows the number of matches you have, the followers section shows people who like you, and the following section shows who you like.


The beauty of all this is its simplicity. When signing up, you only need to enter your name, age, gender, and what you study to help you get matches.

In further updates and iterations of the application, I will be focusing on increasing match curation accuracy algorithmically to help suggest users with a degree of certainty. I plan to use the Elo Rating System to rank users based on similarity and suggest them.

Moreover, I will integrate Socket-IO into the Chat feature to make the messaging on the application instantaneous.

That's it for now!


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Ice or Fire

nice work

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awesome and clean work

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Good work man, good luck in that. It is a good dating app I think. It can be an alternative for well know tinder. Personally I regularly use dating apps (like tinder, bumble or ) But I use them very intuitive. For example, my biography is very intuitive, I often change it in order to attract different people, and I read other biographies very carefully. I swipe only if I have a good feeling about the profile, and then go on a date only if the conversation is actually going on. I definitely rely on my intuition or feelings. So, I think I definitely don't use them in the traditional sensory way.

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