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Comment from a deleted article or podcast

I don't know what I don't want to learn, but I know I don't ever want to work with VBA because a director created a great spreadsheet that computes ROI considering three data sources. Don't get me wrong, it's a great feat, but if you want to go further you'll need to find somebody else.

I have currently reorganized my priority in regard to what I want to do.

1.) Embedded system, not Raspberry Pi, talking about STM32, NXP Kinetis kind of stuff (connected sensors, actuator, stuff like that);
2.) AI & ML, large scale and on the edge (Internet of Things with inference capabilities) ;
3.) Robotic (mix of the #1 and #2, + the Rasberry Pi/Jetson maybe?) ;
4.) Learn electric circuitry design (for making PCBs) ;
5.) Containers/Dockers/Swarm/Kubernetes, because all that data needs to go somewhere and should scale. You never know when you will have 1 million connected devices.

I supposed that the rest is what I don't want to take time to learn for now.

I've worked for almost a decade has a web developer/dev-ops/project manager, using Puppet, SaltStack, vagrant & VirtualBox, KVM, tools like consul & vault (Hashicorp), apache httpd, git, everything on Debian-based systems. I like dev ops, project management, but web development I had enough.