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I tried for a while to use windows as my core for programming as well, but to me it just fell short in too many areas.

I loved it at first, it felt like I was at home with some sort of nostalgic feeling, perhaps from using it when I was gaming as a teenager so much. But after I tried and tried with WSL (1 and 2), I found myself spending as much time as people complain you have to spend with Linux to get up and running, just to have a sub-par solution on Windows.

I don't hate it as an operating system, but for me it has it's use cases - and that's not my works web development.

For the record, one of the things that bugged me the most when I started to use WSL was that on the insider version you're forced to opt-in to updates, and all sort of security pieces which just slowed down my computer 10 fold. Every time I'd turn it on I felt like it was going full blast to update some small feature, which undoubtedly would break my WSL and I'd lose my work (This happened twice, and I've got an open issue on github for it)


Isn't that the point of Insider versions? They specifically warn you about the crashes and instability, many times. I have always used the stable rings and WSL has never really caused any problems for me. I used it with VSCode and it worked like it was supposed to.
Although I've recently started foraying into Web Dev as well and I don't use WSL at all. Node and NPM work really well natively.


Yes - except I can't currently use WSL without the insider version, so I'm stuck from that perspective. Maybe I'll try again when it's a full release, but for now I'm too happy with my current setup.


So you’re having issues doing web development in windows? Why? Why would you need to use wsl for that?

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