Discussion on: The 6 Month Web Development Mastery Plan in 2020 — For Free

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Henry Boisdequin Author

I agree with you. When I took Neagoie's course I didn't retain much in the first half but the reason I like it so much is because of the massive project at the end. It's cool to have built such a big project after one month. For me, the first month is more about getting into web dev and liking it. I will check out Rob Percival's and Andrew Mead's course, looks interesting.

I don't think you can get workably good at every aspect of HTML, CSS, and JS in a month. I think if you get exposed to all the different aspects of web dev then you can choose the aspects you like and master them. As a full-stack developer, I still haven't 100% have mastered Flexbox. I just have gotten workably good at React/Next.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and ML (because I like them).

Really appreciate your feedback/input.