Frameworks will produce a generation of idiots programmers

Heithem Moumni on January 06, 2018

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How would you describe an idiot programmer? Could you provide a bit more context to this opinion? Do you want people to learn the vanilla language before they jump in any sort of framework? Or do you believe that most frameworks are useless and programmers should do without them?


jQuery has already done a great job of that in web development. There are a lot of people who started using jQuery years ago and refuse to learn new technologies. They'll use jQuery plugins for anything complicated, leading to JS bloat on websites, just because they're too lazy to figure out the 50 lines of code or so to do the one thing they need to do.


In certain extend frameworks make programming commodity. But it is really judgemental to disrespect those who suppose to use framework as a tool. Moreover there are a lot of bad frameworks as well, and it's not that easy to choose which to use when.


Well that's a very complicated question, while framework are appearing as a way to avoid reworking it also create programmers who don't understand deeply how it really works, but the same way we say this now, programmers of the past have said it about using higher level programming languages of their time, like C that has once being hight level in the past. Yet, having programmers using artificial intelligence for exemple, without knowing anything about it is a serious problem since knowing how those techniques work may influence drastcly project decisions, concepts like overfitting and underfitting sometimes are complex even to experient data scientists, so it may become a serious trouble to have people who thinks to know everything about a subject just because can run some lines of code from copied from internet

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